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    Beach access mat and beach wheelchairs bring joy to the lives of people with disabilities all around Australia but we often hear feedback from wheelchair users the beach access mat is at times not safe to use and beach wheelchairs are broken for sometime several years. 

    Maintenance of beach access mat and beach wheelchairs is often overlooked when providing access to a community. To create the best experience possible for wheelchair users and making sure beach access mat is safe to use all year round, beach equipment needs to be checked, serviced and for safe operation all year round.

    At Push Mobility, we offer a tailored maintenance schedule for both beach wheelchairs and beach access mat.

    Beach Access Mat Maintenance

    Monthly maintenance for beach mat permanently rolled out

    • removable of any sand and debris on the beach mat
    • rolling up the beach mat once a month
    • removing and bumps built up under the beach mat to create a smooth flat path
    • rolling the beach mat back out
    • pinning down the beach mat ensuring it is safe and secure
    • photo emailed after each maintenance visit showing upkeep of the beach mat
    • visual inspection and check of the beach mat
    • repairs reguired through general use 
    • modifications needed to the mat including shortening the length
    • option for 6, 12 or 24 month maintenance schedule

    Beach mat service and inspection

    • removable of any sand and debris on the beach mat
    • visual inspection and check of the beach mat
    • detail list and photos of any repairs required
    • quotations for any repairs required

    Beach Wheelchair Maintenance

    • visual inspection of beach wheelchair
    • checklist covering each element of the chair checked for safe operation
    • detail list and photos of repairs required
    • quotation and eta of repairs
    • photo of completed repairs 
    • certificate of compliance tagged onto the chair including date for next wheelchair check

    For more information on beach equipment servicing or maintenance please send us an email of call the Push Mobility team.