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    Mobi-Mat RecPath is a lightweight non-slip portable roll-out pathway ideal for making events more accessible for people in wheelchairs. The beach access pathway is the highest quality temporary pathway available and can be used by pedestrians, wheelchair users, strollers, bicycles and ATV's on a range of surfaces.

    Our Mobi-Mat rental service provides wheelchair accessibility to beach events, weddings, festivals and more. The Mobi-Mats are lightweight making short term setup a breeze.



    The pricing of Mobi-Mats is 50$ per metre per day, and 25 for every day after the first. The price is 100% tax deductible

     Duration Price per metre 10m 50m 200m
    day 50 500 2500 8500
    2 days 75 750 3750 12750
    1 week $150 1500 7500 25500
    Long term rental

    Seasonal, half yearly and yearly rental options are available, just contact us for details. Reasons for long term rental are our included repair service, adjustable length, insurance and high pressure cleaning.


    What price includes: 

    • repair of fair wear and tear (up to 10% of value)
    • remotely managed site survey 
    • instructions and support via video chat
    • high pressure cleaning
    • insurance if stolen


    Please allow 6 days for shipping. 

    Price estimates are listed below:

    location 10m 50m approx shipping time
    VIC $80 $240 2 - 4 days
    TAS $200 $400 3 - 6 days
    NSW $110 $330 2 -4 days
    NT $350 $1100 4 - 6 days
    SA $100 $300 2- 4 days
    WA $300 $900 4 - 6 days
    QLD $250 $750 3 - 6 days


    Note*: prices are approximate. Delivering to remote areas may be more expensive.You have the option to organise freight yourself. Pickup options available.


    Installation is as simple as rolling out the mats and connecting them up. There are options for us to supply labour if required.



    If you would like to rent this product or have any other enquiries please contact us at ned@pushmobility.com.au  and leave us with the following information:

    • Size of mats required: (10m x 2m , 10m x 1.5m, 5m x 1.5m) 
    • Quantity:
    • what dates you are hiring:
    • postcode (for shipping price / time):