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    The natural environment creates many mobility challenges for wheelchair users. Obstacles such as curbs, pot-holes and uneven terrain, create barriers to wheelchair mobility. To optimise the use of a manual wheelchair, users require a certain level of wheelchair skills.

    At Push Mobility, we understand that everyone is unique. We all have different lifestyles, affecting the environments we need to access. Everyone has their own level of physical fitness and their own degree of confidence, which both effect wheelchair skills. Hence, Push Mobility provides wheelchair skills training specific to the user, the person.


    Why does it matter?

    1. Understanding how to use your wheelchair will increase your confidence, improving your overall wheelchair experience.
    2. Improved wheelchair skills will reduce risk of accident and injury.
    3. Better skills means better access, giving the user more independence and freedom.

    Introduction to Wheelchair Skills (Training 1)

    • Energy conservation through efficient propulsion.
    • Understanding, reading and responding to the terrain.
    • Confidence building.
    • Indoor skills (small thresholds, tight spaces).

    Advanced Wheelchair Skills (Training 2)

    • Stationary wheelie (balancing on your rear wheels) and pop-ups.
    • Dynamic wheelie.
    • Outdoor skills.

    Cost of training is $145 + GST per hour.
    To arrange a quote or to book training contact the Push team.

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