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    Please contact us to book a presentation and workshop covering everything on beach access. The session will cover beach access for the everyday beach goer with disabilities to the inclusion of everybody at public events like surf carnivals and triathlons.

    This session is for everybody from council members, lifeguards, occupational therapists to advocates that would like to help people with disabilities gain access to the beautiful Australian beaches.

    Shane Hryhorec: C5 incomplete Quadriplegic and founder of companies Push Mobility and Accessible Beaches. Shane will share the journey of making beaches inclusive around Australia. You will get an insight into what makes a beach accessible from changing places and bathrooms all the way to the BBQ’s and beach wheelchairs. Shane’s presentation will be a great opportunity to see what beaches are providing great access, not just in Australia, but ALL around the world.


    Topics covered:
    # Visual examples of beach access around the globe
    # What's needed to make a beach fully accessible
    # Different beach wheelchairs available around the world
    # New technologies improving access like power surf boards
    # Different beach path surfaces for wheelchair users to get to the water
    # Training tools for Surf Life Savers and the general public
    # How people with disabilities can be contributing members of Surf Clubs

    Equipment to view on the day:
    # Beach access mat
    # Floating beach wheelchair

    Cost: Approx $1400 AUD. Location, duration and time of the year will determine total cost.